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We reminisced about this site last night.

We miss you all.

Seeing all the sites popping up.

Makes me miss this site and everyone we helped. xo

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Anonymous asked: "how do you feel about someone with more than one account?"

It depends on the relationships you have. Having more than one can make things complicated. They can tip the balance and you can mix up names, dates, and important information. It’s all morally up the person to decide if they can handle what would happen if others found out. Would the people they know feel betrayed or supportive? It’s all up to how things play out.

rancesmucker asked: "I havent been on much but i thought i would drop by and say KEEP IT UP LADIES. ;)"

Thank you Rance. xo

Remember someone is always looking.

So never stop smiling. You have been blessed with this life and deserve to live it to the fullest. If someone tries to tear you down, say “so?” or ignore them. Those who try to break us, want a reaction because they are insecure or jealous and karma isn’t a kind person sometimes. Remember you are beautiful and loved. xo

Send in questions, names, advice. xo

I’d love to have the site continue. 

na0miclark asked: "can u tell people to follow me thanks :)"

Follow. xo

Need advice?

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Change is inevitable.

For those of you who want roleplay to change. Who want something better than all the people who are negative, think they are on a higher pedestal, who bully others. Things will change. It’s always changing. It isn’t how it was a few years ago, it’s at the point where it is almost at rock bottom. Then there is no place to go but up. It’s with people who can prove to be strong leaders without letting their power, in this care their popularity get to them. There is a number of kindhearted, headstrong, amazing people who will rise to their full potential and stand for the underdogs. Do not believe all hope is lost, it’s only just beginning.