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xoxprima asked: "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL,K?K."

You’re sweet. 

Anonymous asked: "I think you girls should keep the site up!"

As of right now, we definitely are! 

Anonymous asked: "What's the best way to handle someone you like not getting online? Do you think that the effort to be here shows more than any words that person could say?"

If they make an effort to talk to you, to show you they want to be here even if there lack of being on, shows they care. Sometimes people can’t always be there, but if they make an effort that should count for something. We are taught all our lives to put effort into something we want or care for. I wouldn’t say bet it all on them if they can’t be there unless you can handle them being gone and the struggles that will come with it. If you feel like you are able to handle distance and the sacrifices, then wait for them and talk when you both can. Actions always speak louder than words. xo

Anonymous asked: "audrey unique-who should i be?"

Ashley Tisdale or Troian Bellasario

Would anyone like the site to continue or is all interest lost? xo

Never play victim.

It’s not suiting. If you know you are in the wrong own up to it. We all do things we are not proud of. I’m sure when you read this at least one thing in your life will come to mind. Did you play victim? Did you regret it? Playing the victim card will only get you so far. Sometimes we need to step back and look at the bigger picture. Own up to the wrongs we have done. Apologize and learn from it. People will believe the victim card then when they find out, then you really will be a victim. If you own up to what you have done. You will have more respect at the end of the day from others and more importantly yourself. 

Wide awake.

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delilahiscute asked: "I just think this site is cute - that is all!"

Thank you, that means a lot. xo

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